Evolution Baseball

The present and the future;

Getting a little better at the game of Baseball every day!

Evolution of Baseball

Evolution Baseball, AK Performance, & The BRAND NEW Turf Training Center are partnering to offer a premier environment for dedicated baseball student-athletes seeking to compete at the next level. The program’s unique structure includes an integrated system with baseball skill development, mechanics, strength training, conditioning and power development. A significant emphasis is placed on the athletes mechanical movements, strength and speed to develop the athleticism needed for top level play.

Development of Athletic Fundamentals, Mechanics and Mobility (Bio-Mechanics)

Athletes are put through our  assessment and thoroughly evaluated to aid in correct program development. This program is tailored to the athletes needs and goals with a continued focus on mechanics, strength, speed, aerobic and power development.

Development of Power, Speed and Agility

We will focus heavily on exercises that train both the movements and muscles that are involved with baseball. Making a workout baseball specific means focusing most of our time on the core big lifts and movements that all athletes need. There is a lot of hip extension in baseball, a lot of lateral hip extension in baseball and a lot of rotation in baseball. 

Development of Baseball Skills




Fielding (Infield)


Mental Game of Baseball


Evolution Baseball Lead Instructor

-Jordan Blundell

Jordan has 20+ years of experience at the College Baseball level. As a player, Jordan was named to the NAIA All-American Team(‘03), was selected to multiple All-Conference and All-Region Teams, played in the 2004 NAIA World Series and was inducted into the University of Jamestown Athletic Hall of Fame. Following his collegiate playing days Jordan played professionally with the Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League.

In 2005, Jordan became the Head Baseball Coach at Vancouver Island University, spending 12 years leading the Mariners Baseball program, winning a CCBC Championship in 2009 and having 2 players selected in the MLB Draft. While at Vancouver Island University, Jordan started a youth development program Vancouver Island Baseball Institute(VIBI) and was instrumental in the creation of the Dover Bay High School Baseball Academy. Over 100 players received scholarship offers during Jordan’s tenure in Nanaimo with VIU and VIBI.

Along with his Evolution Baseball programming duties, Jordan serves as the AGM and Head Coach of the Edmonton Prospects Baseball Club of the Weatern Canadian Baseball League(WCBL).

2022-2023 College PREP Baseball and Athletic Programming

Information Below Is For Full Program Sign Ups!

Your Fees Include

  • 21 Weeks Of Elite Athletic Training (3 Phases)
    • (Phase 1) Fall On Field Training Sep 6- Oct 16
      • 15U & 18U Tuesday, Thursday & Weekends
      • 13U Wednesday, Friday & Weekends
    • (Phase 2) Fall Indoor Training Nov 5- Dec 14
      • 13U, 15U,  &
  • 1X Evolution Baseball- Jersey, Athletic Shirt, Shorts, Hoodie, & Hat
  • Gameplay, Tournaments, & Exhibition Games
  • Technical & Tactical Development
  • Video Analysis
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Strength & Explosiveness Training
  • 3 Travel Teams (13U + 15U + 18U)

Fall Train & Play Program

September to October

Train 2-days/wk + Double Header On The Weekend

13U, 15U, & 18U Will Do A Team Tournament In Kelowna/Kamloops (TBD)

September To October

Train 2-Days/Wk 


2 Games (Double Header) On Weekends


13U, 15U, & 18U Will Do A Travel Team Tournament In Kelowna/Kamloops (TBD)

November 5th To December 14th Train Wed, Sat, Sun @ BRAND NEW TTC4 (Nisku Location) Speed & Strength Training Tuesdays @ AK PERFORMANCE

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January 6th To March 8th Train Wed, Sat, Sun @ BRAND NEW TTC4 Turf Training Center 4 (Nisku Location) Speed & Strength Training Tuesdays @ AK PERFORMANCE

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(COMPLETED) 8 Week Spring Training Camp

January 8th To February 27th, 2022

Live on Live Hitting, Pitching, Baserunning Reads, Hitting Approach(s),
Fundamentals Review, Getting Better Every Day!
Split Payment Options Available!
1st Payment @ Sign Up 
2nd payment on –> Feb 5th, 2022
Indoor Baseball & AK Performance Fitness Athlete Development
Birth Years:
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Saturday January 8th, 2022
Sunday February 27th, 2022
Speed & Strength
(1 day/week)
Indoor Baseball
(3 days/week)
(Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday )
Location & Time(s):
Wednesday – 7:30pm – 9:00pm @ Kinsmen Fieldhouse
Thursday – 6:30pm – 7:30pm @ AK PERFORMANCE (Nisku)
Saturday 10AM-12PM @ Five Tool Fieldhouse 
 Sunday 12PM-2PM @ Five Tool Fieldhouse 

(COMPLETED) Fall Indoor Stream- Camp #2- Born From 2004 To 2010