Don't just take it from us. Hear what our families and athletes have to say about their time training with Evolution Baseball.

Lindsay Price

11U Program Parent

“Jordan and the Staff at Evolution Baseball have a special gift for coaching and relating to each player, always providing a positive atmosphere.  The coaches do an exceptional job teaching and pushing the players to improve each time out.  In addition to baseball, players are learning important life lessons- teamwork, leadership, commitment and determination.  Our son’s baseball skills and most importantly, his love for the game continue to grow under the Evolution Baseball program.  Thank you!  We are incredibly grateful and look forward to more of Evolution Baseball sessions in the future”

-Lindsay Price

Corina Heppner

18U Program Parent

“Coach Blundell has the ability to look at an athlete, assess their strengths and weaknesses and use them to create a better player.  He is not only an exceptional Coach, he is an exceptional human who cares about his athletes.  There is no other coach my son would rather work with.  I cannot say enough good things about Evolution Baseball and the progress our son has made.”

 -Corina Heppner

MIchelle Balen

13U Program Parent

My 13-year-old son deeply respects and trusts Coach Jordan. Having taken Evolution Baseball camps and individual lessons, my son continually praises Jordan’s outstanding instruction. Jordan has the phenomenal ability to break down complicated information into clear and accessible steps. Moreover, his teaching is highly individualized: he does not have a “one-swing-fits-all” approach. Rather, he is willing to examine each athlete and tailor instruction accordingly. Although he is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable about baseball, Jordan is not in the least intimidating. He motivates players of all ages and abilities in a fun and upbeat manner, taking the time to get to know each player and, as a result, building relationships based on trust. Thanks to Jordan, my son has learned both baseball mechanics and mental preparation, which has ultimately increased his confidence, success, and love of the game.

—Michelle, Edmonton

Tresa Vogstad

15U Program Parent

“Jordan has accomplished so much on and off the field as an athlete and coach.
He now is bringing his experiences to every athlete who is willing to listen and learn from him.
Jordan has a patient coaching nature with athletes of all ages and his great ability to mentor the athletes in many aspects of the game.
He has helped my son grow as an athlete as well as an individual. Jordan’s willingness to spend the extra time with Braedyn, helped my son reach his own personal goal for 2021.
We look forward to continuing working with him over the winter.”

-Tresa Vogstad

Devon Stout

13U and 15U Program Parent

“Jordan’s coaching experience and baseball knowledge are what drew me to enroll both my sons, aged 12 and 15 with Evolution Baseball.  Once they began their baseball journey with Coach Jordan, his baseball knowledge and coaching ability, while impressive, paled in comparison to his ability to relate to his students.  The way he is able to get on a 12 year old’s level, educate but make it fun and then work with a 15 year old, encourage him to bring his best and hold him accountable to himself is a gift not enough coaches have.  Both of my boys thoroughly enjoy working with Jordan and his staff.  I highly recommend Evolution Baseball to anyone wanting their ball player to improve their game and love the process.”

-Devon Stout

Becky Mills

Black Gold Minor Baseball 13U Parent

“Coach Jordan’s instruction is top tier.  He has helped my son upgrade his swing, fielding, footwork and most importantly his passion for the game.  Jordan is such a professional that he very quickly picks up on an athlete’s skill level, age, and also their personality and adjusts his lesson accordingly to best suit that player.  He engages the athletes in a respectful manner and I love how he motivates the athletes to be their best.”

-Becky Mills