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Focus for the Fall On-Field programming will consist of tactical game play development.

Pitchers and Catchers will be given the ability to specialize their training during this phase along with developing skills at other positions.

In addition, speed and agility training will be a component of every workout.

September 5 through October 15 - Completed



Focus for Indoor Training will be on technical development with situational baseball skill development.

Individual Pitching development with a focus on pre and post throwing routines.  An emphasis on mechanical awareness.

Hitters will work on building their ideal swing. Foundational awareness and movement patterns will be the focus for hitters.

Defenders will be introduced to footwork and fundamental development as well as routine play execution.

November 4 Through December 13


The focus for Spring Indoor Training shifts to game preparation.

Live competition At-Bats and as much situational practice as possible to prepare players for their club tryouts and upcoming summer season.

January 6 Through April 16


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